Basic Suits And Why You Need Them

The Blazer

It is true that a suit will only give you use in very specific protocol ceremonies and it is more profitable to rent one because of the scarce frequency with which you will be forced to wear it. It is preferable however, to have in the closet a blazer of a different color to the rest with which to be able to give touches of color to the sets and that combines with jeans. Bottle green, tan, garnet, pink for summer or even lilacs are good choices. It will depend on what pants you have and what color has the most possibilities with them. It’s better to custom tailor DC for the most flattering look.

The Gray Suit, Without Being Dark or Smooth

Opting for a different shade of gray (something lighter) and include in the fabric a tartan, a partridge eye, a spike design, a vichy box or a wales box. With that you get a different touch with which to alternate suits (or jackets if you prefer to leave the pants in the closet), and give our sets a British and vintage touch.

The Diplomatic Stripe

If by your profession you move in business and financial environments, you will agree that this is one of the essentials in the closet. The diplomatic stripe gives much play if you change its thickness and the separation between them. In this way, more marked and separate will give the whole look a lighter touch and more blurred and close to each other for a more serious look. The ideal would be to have one of gray in fine line and another navy with stripes that are somewhat thicker and marked to be able to alternate in both environments.

And lastly, you will try to choose a fabric that is neither too thick nor too light for it to be useful both in summer and winter.