Tips to Make an Organized Move

Talking with the moving company on time helps them manage their schedule and also benefits you, in the sense that they can deal with the reservation of the space in front of your home to park the truck. If it’s a serious business, they’ll take care of those things. Be wary of moving companies that ask you to take care of these things yourself. You should also contact a furniture assembly service to help you set up your new home.

What better time to review and get rid of the unnecessary than when moving, which are usually quite a few things. When you start to open cabinets, drawers, storage rooms, etc., you will realize that you have kept a lot of things that you did not even remember existed. It happens to all of us. The best recommendation is that you take advantage of the occasion and separate everything you do not need, so you avoid packing unnecessary items and there are less things to move.

In addition, if you feel like collaborating and feeling good, a good idea may be to donate those old clothes or toys that you do not want to an organization. Or for example, there are usually rehabilitation sites that remove old furniture to restore and sell.

Moving home is not just taking your things and moving, there are some very important things that you do not have to neglect, to avoid problems in the future.

– Indicate your new address to family and friends, as well as the date on which you will already be there.

– If you have insurance, you will have to speak with your insurance company for cancellation or if you can “transfer” the insurance to your new property.

– Cancel all utilities you have, like water, light and gas. If you are renting, it will suffice that you agree with your landlord to change the details of the domiciliation of the payment or how you have it.